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Comprehensive Asphalt Solutions 

For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal Properties

A wide range of excellent asphalt services are within your reach at Roese Bros. Paving, Inc. in Ashville, OH. We specialize in driveways, parking lots, golf cart paths, and tennis courts.

One of the things that differentiate us from other paving contractors is that we tamp all the edges of the surfaces we work on. By doing this process, we not only increase the structural integrity of pavements, but also enhance their overall aesthetic appeal.

Our Services

Asphalt road to horizon

Asphalt Sealcoating/Crack Filling

This is a cost-efficient process used to fill out cracks on paved areas. Unlike other procedures for repairing asphalt, filling can be done more quickly.

This is an important step in asphalt maintenance. The sealcoat substance is an emulsion that protects asphalt from damaging agents such as oil, grease, and extreme weather conditions. Prior to sealcoating, we apply hot or cold rubberized filler on cracked areas to prevent further damages.

In OH, most cracks are caused by freezing water that expands. With sealcoating, you can prolong the life of your driveway or parking lot without spending a small fortune.

August 2014, resurfacing asphalt of a road

Asphalt Resurfacing

Because of a number of factors, all kinds of asphalt surfaces eventually deteriorate. When it comes to repairing asphalt, resurfacing is a more affordable alternative to complete excavations. To protect new asphalt from significant cracking, we install protective fabric before we do the resurfacing process.

Asphalt Tarmac Patch on Concrete Ground Repair Pavement Road in Parking Lot

Asphalt Patching

This is an economical, short-term answer to damaged asphalt. With this process, cracked surfaces can repaired be without the need to remove the entire asphalt area.

Patching can be done on problematic surfaces that need to be fixed immediately. These damaged portions are cut, removed, can be repaired and replaced with a determined asphalt depth.

Milling of asphalt for road reconstruction accessory for skid steer

Asphalt Milling

This process involves removing certain parts of paved areas. You can rely on us to take out broken asphalt constructions without damaging the surrounding surfaces.

roadworks on a highway in Western Australia. Heavy machinery tractor paving gravel on a road side behind limiting roadsigns

Asphalt Paving

We offer this service for different types of properties, including homes, businesses, and parking lots. To ensure high-quality results, we do the paving and compaction procedure while the asphalt is still sufficiently hot.

In order to deliver high-standard results on a consistent basis, we use at least of 3 inches of asphalt and a minimum of 6 inches of stone base.

Black asphalt pavement painted with yellow stripes

Asphalt Striping

This is the perfect solution for creating grids and lines on paved areas. For your safety, we use only industry-grade striping equipment.

Road Roller

Chip sealing

This process is similar to resurfacing, but it is more budget-friendly. By combining asphalt with fine aggregate, we can make pavements more durable.

Our Specializations Include

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